Data set:
Description: An interactive environment for exploring the expression of multiple genes in a data set using dot plots and heatmaps.
  • Switch between cell types on x axis and gene names on x axis using the drop-down menu at "Layout"
  • Switch between dot plot and heatmap using the drop down menu at "Plot type"
  • The "Cell type selection menu" allows switching on/off of particular cell types. Changes will be reflected in the plots immediately. If there are too many cell types, use to horizontal scrollbar to navigate the list of cell types.
  • In the "Cell type selection menu" there is also the possibility to write or copy/paste the list desired cell types
  • The "Gene selection menu" contains functionalities for editing the list of genes that are plotted
  • The "Add new gene" adds a randomly chosen gene to the list. The plots are redraw to include the additional gene
  • Alternatively a list of genes can be pasted in the text box at right of the button mentioned above. The list can have the gene names separated by comma, space, semicolon or tab
  • Each gene being plotted has a dedicated field which indicates its name and a "Remove" button
  • By changing the gene name in any of this boxes, if the new typed name is a valid gene name then the plots will be update to reflect this change
  • Finally the user can click-chose any gene or cell type directly on the plot and reorder them by dragging
  • Plots can be saved as png files by right clicking on plot area and choosing "Save as"
  • At the bottom of the page there is a list of genes and a list of cell types used in the plot. These lists can be copy/pasted and saved for easy restoring of the plots in a future session.
Applications: FACS sorting panel design; data annotation; cell type validation; exploring groups of genes relevant to a function (e.g. cycling genes)

Layout: Plot type: Categorical variable
List of cell types:
List of genes: